Facebook Permanently Bans Young Conservative Entrepreneurs After They Create “Patriots Against Joe Biden” Facebook Page

This week, both co-founders of The Scoop, Steeve Strange and Cameron Shizznit, who regularly post their videos on The Gateway Pundit, had their personal profiles permanently banned from Facebook.

Upon trying to log in to our respective accounts, we both received this message:

When The Scoop clicked ‘Go To Help Center’ to submit an appeal this is the response they received:

This message let us know that our ‘Facebook account was disabled because it did not follow our community standards.”

Facebook also confirmed that “this decision can’t be reversed.”

The only warning that Facebook issued to us was about our new group that Facebook town down called ‘Patriots Against Joe Biden.’

Apparently, peaceful law-abiding groups and pages that are anti-Joe Biden do not comply with Facebook’s “community standards.”