Many question why? With CDC’s updated list of survival percentages based on people aged:  0-19: 99.997%, 20-49: 99.98%, 50-69: 99.5%, 70+: 94.6% As people refuse to get COVID-19 vaccine, some places of employment and others are offered incentives to take it, others are FORCING, which is what the Biden Administration has been implying:

North Carolina prisoners are being offered by state prison officials to motivate prisoners to obtain doses that are currently voluntary.

In Boise, Boys And Girls Club of Ada County Employees who get both the first and second vaccination are eligible to take an additional paid day off.

Instacart is giving a $25 stipend to workers who get a shot. Dollar General said employees will receive four hours of pay if they receive a vaccine, and Trader Joe’s will give employees two hours of pay per dose.

According to NBC News, nursing homes are also offering incentives to staff members who haven’t yet taken a vaccine. Some are giving cash bonuses, while others are providing paid time off or other free gifts.

One hospital system in Houston is giving workers an incentive to get vaccinated. Employees will get a $500 bonus in March, but only if they get the shot.

The list is big AND GROWING! 

It seems most deaths of 2020 were listed as Covid related, be it heart attacks, stroke, car crashes,  a child drowning (who had covid), shootings, other viral infection (no influenza or flu), or other underlying conditions, etc., hence the 400,00+ deaths.

Since the short term and especially LONG TERM risks of the virus vaccine are unknown, why would anyone in their right mind want to take an unknown risk?