Biden: Our First Chinese President? How China rents the U.S. media, and its politicians

The polls told America Joe Biden would win by 8 points. 10 points! The media used those polls as psychological operations to dispirit Donald Trump’s supporters into believing we were alone, destined to defeat, and had become outcasts in our own country. Those same information warfare tanks were used to crush a key challenge to Joe Biden’s legitimacy: the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop he had abandoned at a repair shop. The media openly declared that it was a non-story from the start, a waste of time, not even worth discussing—or that it was Russian disinformation. Biden himself said that one. 

The so-called mainstream in the media has its own lucrative relationship with Beijing.

This was a huge story. Emails on that laptop provided conclusive proof that Hunter Biden, who will be the First Son if Joe Biden prevails in the presidential election, has a very cozy and very lucrative relationship with CEFC China Energy Co., a Chinese energy company with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party. This evidence reveals how Joe Biden himself makes millions selling his positions and influence to the Chinese through Hunter.