Democratic Dictatorship

Congressional lawmakers are looking at the possibility of enacting a new statute that would increase punishments for people charged with domestic terrorism.

Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-Mich.) has emerged as an early defender of the move.

“We can officially say on the 6th of January, we saw the cap, the end of those 20 years of the post 9/11 era,” she stated. “And now, instead of the greatest threat coming from abroad and foreign terrorist organizations, I think the single greatest threat to American security is the division between us.”

Where was this notion when, for the past year Antifa and BLM caused so much destruction? This will only apply to Trump Supporters or Republicans since Antifa, in all of their destructive ways have been just “peaceful protests”. And lest we forget how many Antifa cronies who were arrested throughout the country and at the Capitol were let go…