On Covid, This Should Apply To EVERY STATE LEGISLATURE And Government

Google and YouTube censored Mr. Renz, a licensed attorney testifying before the Ohio Legislature on a matter of great public importance regarding how the COVID-19 response has been a failure from the beginning in Ohio and throughout the United States because it has always been more about money and power than an appropriate response to a disease. Below is his written testimony. It should be applicable to EVERY Legislature throughout the U.S.:

Date: 02/17/2021

Dear Members of the State and Local Government Reform Committee,

This letter is intended to serve as testimony in support of HB 90.

In March of 2020, Governor DeWine and the Department of Health made the determination that they were going to place all Ohioans under house arrest for two weeks to flatten a curve that was going to cause our hospitals to be overrun with patients. This curve, they said, could result in people dying in the streets if we did not take drastic steps. The people of Ohio trusted the Governor and Department of Health and agreed to accept the most drastic curtailment of rights ever taken in American history – a statewide house arrest. 

What the Governor and Department of Health did not explain was that this was being done for a
disease that, at the time, appeared to have approximately a 4% fatality rate and reproduction rate (rate of spread) only slightly higher than the yearly flu. To put this into perspective, the fatality rate of the original SARS virus was in the vicinity of 9% with a similar rate of spread and the fatality rate for the original MERS was in excess of 30% with a similar rate of spread. No measures were ever taken that compared in any way for either of these far more dangerous diseases.

No mention of those numbers were ever made. Instead, we were told that this was necessary because “modeling” indicated the curve would happen. These same people neglected to tell us that these “models” were created and promoted by scientists with a very long track record of incorrect predictions. Those predictions proved incorrect in this instance as well as can be demonstrated, thankfully but predictably, by the never used emergency health facilities set up throughout the state.

As we moved forward in time, several facts became crystal clear. The first was that the danger of this disease was greatly exaggerated. At this point COVID-19 as an estimated fatality rate of well under 0.5% and quite possibly less than 0.25%. We also now know that this disease spreads in a similar way and at a similar rate to the yearly flu. While this disease has killed people, the reality is that the numbers simply do not and have never support the actions being taken.

The second indisputable fact is that nearly every single action the governor has taken has apparently been based on political science rather than real science. As evidence of this we point
to the the following:

• The continued school closures despite the fact that no child under the age of 19 has died from this disease in Ohio. The CDC and many other groups have openly stated that children are not vectors of transmission, and that this fact has been well known for months.

• The curfew is another example of the “political science” known only to the Governor and Department of Health. Apparently, this new political science has demonstrated to the executive branch agencies that the COVID-19 disease can only spread late at night. We assume this to mean that COVID-19 is a nocturnal hunter.

• Finally, we point to the war that has been waged on small businesses. This same “political science” that apparently was shared with the Governor by his big corporate donors must have indicated that COVID-19 was somehow more contagious in a small, locally owned business than a big box store.

The Governor has told us he is basing his decisions on this very secret political science – much of which he cannot share. While we make no allegations here, we wonder out loud whether any of this “political-science” was influenced by stock ownership interests and/or political donations made by organizations to the Governor or his family as noted on numerous financial disclosure forms. We are also curious, but make no accusations, as to why no investigation of this has occurred under ORC 2921.42 and ORC 2921.43.

Moving on to a third indisputable fact, this administration and the Department of Health have demonstrated that they are more interested in their own political prosperity than what is best for Ohio. The leading cause of death for our children between ages 10 and 14 is suicide. I repeat – THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH FOR OUR CHILDREN BETWEEN THE AGES OF 10 AND 14 IS NOT COVID-19, IT IS SUICIDE. Our seniors are being forced to die alone in nursing homes and hospitals without the opportunity to say goodbye to loved ones. People with serious medical issues including abused women and veterans with PTSD that cannot wear masks are being discriminated against. And all of this is happening for a disease that, even using the skewed statistics from the Ohio Department of Health, has a 99% recovery rate for ALL ages and a much higher rated for people under 65-70 years of age.

Please allow me now to share some other relevant information. The response to COVID-19 in Ohio has included assistance from Resolve to Save Lives. This organization is led by a former Obama Whitehouse CDC advisor and is funded by numerous billionaire charities including charities including Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Gates Foundation, and the Zuckerberg Initiative. All of these organizations have numerous financial ties, either directly or through individuals that control them, to the big business of drugs and/or healthcare.

We also submit to this committee that the testing for this disease seems to be as much about creating fear as managing COVID-19. Attached to my testimony is a graph showing that there are essentially no cases of flu this season. That same graph also shows the average number of cases for the flu. You will note that there is no flu in Ohio this season for the first time in recorded history. We would suggest that the simplest explanation for this is correct – the state appears to be reclassifying flu cases as COVID-19 cases.

The fear narrative is being further promoted by the State’s quest to find more cases. There is no disease other than COVID-19 for which we test healthy people. The random testing and drive through testing that has occurred throughout the state cannot diagnose COVID-19, it can only detect the presence of viral particles that may or may not have anything to do with the actual onset of disease.

To make this worse, the testing is not even reliable. We have been made aware that one of the entities providing testing in Ohio, Mako Labs, is using the Applied Biosystems TaqPath COVID19, Flu A, Flu B Combo Kit assay. This test kit states in its instruction manual that “Results are for the identification of SARS-CoV-2 RNA” and nowhere suggests that the test can determine whether a COVID-19 infection exists. This is important because, while the SARS-Cov-2 virus does cause COVID-19, the presence of SARS-CoV-2 RNA cannot, by itself, provide a reliable diagnosis of COVID-19. To support that statement, I offer this direct quote from the instruction manual:

  • “Positive results are indicative of the presence of SARS-CoV-2 RNA; clinical correlation with patient history and other diagnostic information is necessary to determine patient infection status. (emphasis added) Positive results do not rule out bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses. The agent detected may not be the definite cause of disease.”

The COVID-19 response has been a failure from the beginning in Ohio and throughout the United States because it has always been more about money and power than an appropriate response to a disease. At this point, in Ohio, for an administration that has continued to double down on the politics rather than the science of this disease, it would be a political disaster to now admit the truth. That said, our dying children, dying seniors, and dying small business community should have more value than ANY person’s political future and that is the purpose of HB90.

While HB90 should not be necessary, it will allow you, our elected representatives, to better do your job – which is representing the interests of the people of Ohio. The Ohio Constitution always intended for laws to be made by the legislature. While much of that power has already been diminished by the creation of the administrative state we now live in, there are limits. Those limits have been egregiously ignored by the Department of Health and Governor for political purposes. They have politicized science to support their actions and continually lied to the public to scare them into submission during nonsensical daily/weekly briefings.

Worse, they have outright refused to share the “science” they claim to be making decisions on despite the fact that those decisions are killing our children. This data has even been kept from you – our elected representatives – in many cases. Why would the executive branch of our government hide this so-called science if it was legitimate? Can anyone truly suggest that they have not had time to share it or could not anonymize the raw data after this many months? If they had time to create and implement a “COVID Dashboard” why wouldn’t they simply provide the raw, anonymized data and models as well?

The bottom line is that one of the clear mandates of the November election in Ohio was ending this tyranny. For the Democrats in this esteemed body I ask, will you use the privilege that you possess to represent the disproportionately impacted underprivileged communities that are being economically destroyed by the response to this disease? Or will you sell out to the Corporate masters and billionaires we can show are pulling the strings?

To the Republicans of this body I ask, will you do what you were elected to do and stand up for small business, individual rights, and freedom? Or will you sell out to the same Corporate masters and billionaires that we can show have a direct hand in this?

I speak to both parties because, sadly, this issue has become politicized. It has become politicized but should not have been because it truly is not a right or left issue – it is about freedom for all. We now ask that all members of this Committee and the Ohio Legislative branch to come together and support freedom for all.

Should this body request, we can provide citations for all data included here. Please do if in the event that anyone would attempt to mislead you on it by suggesting what we have said is untrue. We also are willing and able to provide expert medical opinion from numerous doctors and scientists to support all that we have said. Finally, we are willing to provide any of our information under oath and we challenge the Governor and Department of Health to do the same, without limitations on the questions that could be asked, should they choose to oppose this measure.

Our health and the concept of an emergency are critical and can NEVER be allowed to be politicized in such a way again. We honor the courageous members of this body for standing up to our governor and bringing this bill forward again. We also pray that this body continues to demonstrate such courage though they will inevitably be asked to water this bill down and forced to override a veto.

It is an honor and a privilege to present this testimony,

Thomas Renz