Covid: No End In Sight For Original 14-Day Lockdown

Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) first advised state government officials almost a year to lock citizens down without due process. Most governors were pressured to follow the lockdown plan, an undertaking that which had never been attempted before. Government officials from both parties agreed to suspend the civil liberties of people “out of an abundance of caution” following a 14-day plan to “slow the spread.”

Governments coerced people to shut their businesses down and stay home, without a lawful, court-ordered quarantine issued against any individual. The concept of a “quarantine” was quickly perverted during this time, as citizens complied with restrictions on their livelihoods, even when there was no evidence to suggest that they were sick and spreading any infectious disease. The collective goal was to prevent hospitals from overcrowding, yet nothing was done to help educate, motivate or equip the people so they could overcome a potential infection from their homes. Field hospitals were taken down just as fast as they were erected and emergency military aid, like the Navy’s Comfort ship, was pulled away after minimal use.

Under the direction of Fauci and the CDC, the US relinquished its freedoms and entered into a state of fear and control. High cycle PCR test kits were used to unlawfully detain people and inflate case numbers to perpetuate the fear of viruses into the unforeseeable future. Insidious controls and mandates were enacted, but they had little to no effect on saving people’s lives;  infections continued to take advantage of the malnourished and immune-compromised population, regardless. A network of governors and public health officials across the US concurred that “life would not go back to normal” unless people were vaccinated. With American freedom being sacrificed at the altar of vaccine experiments, the endgame became clear for so many people. Everyone was being held down, told their immune system is a failure, refused viable treatments, threatened to comply, separated from family, forcibly tested, forcibly masked, all so pharmaceutical companies could test out new mRNA vaccines in their bodies!

Today, Dr. Fauci wants to continue on with the lockdowns for anyone who isn’t vaccinated. In a recent interview, Fauci said the CDC will soon release new guidance that relaxes lockdowns, quarantines and mandatory testing only for people who have been vaccinated. Fauci is partaking in a treacherous conspiracy to deprive human beings of their inherent rights so world authorities can implement societal restrictions, behavioral controls and vaccine passports that exclude people who do not comply with the wishes of drug companies and their vaccines. Fauci has continued to threaten and terrorize Americans, as he moves closer to his final destiny. Yes, he will ultimately have to answer for his crimes and reap personal torment for the terror he inflicts.